Dr. Jeff Metzger - is a Naturopathic - Primary Care Physician.

As a primary care provider, Dr. Metzger uses established natural and western diagnostic techniques to find cause.  Natural medicines and modalities are used to help healing, and care is coordinated with other alternative care providers and medical doctors when necessary.

Dr. Metzger began his practice in 2006 focusing on treating chronic illness of all types: diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis, and other autoimmune diseases Natural medicine is well suited to helping sufferers of chronic ailments go beyond maintenance to fully healing.  He has had a lot of success.

He initially named his practice The Seattle Digestive Health Clinic. He wanted to illustrate that poor diet and digestion are often at the root of chronic illness, or if not causative, are a major obstacle to cure.  And this is what he has most often seen in practice.

Chronic illness patients had other more acute ailments to treat.. Many after getting better, were interested in more preventive medicine. They began to request that Dr. Metzger be their primary physician, to coordinate their care and help them become overall healthier.   Patients in his care have reported that they just do not get sick much anymore.

2005                                    N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor) - Bastyr University
1989                                     B.S. Mechanical Engineering, B.S. Psychology - University of Maryland
1985                                     B.S. Chemistry - Pennsylvania State University

Other medical positions

  1. 2010 - current    medical/nutritional program at a local young adults homeless shelter
  2. 2009 - 2013       Stillaguamish Tribal Wellness Clinic

My road to becoming a naturopath: 
Years ago I became vegetarian.  Reading up on how to be a healthy vegetarian gave me an initial contact with alternative medicine.  A few years later, I moved to Seattle, met a Bastyr student, and began to learn more about natural healing..   Then, during a one year backpacking trip to Africa, I had the opportunity to study herbal medicine with some traditional healers.  Returning to Seattle
, I soon signed up for school at Bastyr University to formally learn natural medicine, to be able to help people regain their health and get back to living fully.

I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1990 to be near the mountains and the ocean.
I enjoy skiing in the winter
; climbing, biking, and sea kayaking the rest of the year.
Currently I am training for my second 15 mi. (25k) trail run in January, 2015.