Natural  - Primary Care

Now performing Primary Care
Many patients over the years have asked me to be their Primary Care Physician.
I am now performing regular primary care including annual physicals.

Your acute and daily ailments

As part of being a primary care physician, I am seeing my patients now for their more irregular ailments; colds, flu, sore throat, sunburn, new rashes, seasonal allergies, sprains, strains, and all the typical  acute health problems. 

What is the Natural Primary Care Difference?

  • Ailments are treated with natural medicine which generally has fewer and less sever side effects
  • Medicine is individualized and holistic
  • Preventive medicine is utilized
     - includes teaching good general health skills and natural home treatments for many illnesses
  • Care is coordinated with other practitioners and MD's as necessary

Care includes natural medicines and maybe more importantly, a look at the individuals daily habits:
diet, rest, sleep, stress, exercise, emotional outlook, toxic load, travel, and other related health issues.