Modalities are the systems used to treat the individual to rid illness and create health.  Generally with a holistic health approach, several modalities are utilized at the same time to support healing.

Modalities include
Systemic Health (healthy life habits - the key to good health)
Diet and digestion, fasting methods, exercise, rest and sleep, breathing, emotional/spiritual

Botanical (herbal) medicines
Nutrient supplements
Physical medicine

  • adjustments
  • stretching
  • exercises
  • electrical muscle stimulation

Craniosacral therapy

Tonics - examples

  • digestive tonics
  • liver tonics
  • adrenal tonics
  • kidney tonics
  • immune tonics
  • blood tonics

Detoxes - examples

  • general detox
  • digestive detox
  • liver tonics
  • fasting methods