Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is more than simply using natural substances and modalities in place of western (allopathic) medicines.  It embodies a different paradigm, a different way of looking at the human body, at illness and the healing process.

Naturopathy allows that the human body is always working toward a healthy state, that illness is brought on by a disturbance in the natural balance.  Healing is accomplished by ridding the disturbance and supporting the body's own healing mechanisms.  

These ideas can be seen in our guiding principles.
Naturopathic Principles

  1. First do no harm / Premum Non Nocere
  2. The healing power of nature/The Vis Medicatrix Naturae
  3. Identify and treat the cause / Tolle Causam
  4. Doctor as teacher / Docere
  5. Treat the whole person / Holism
  6. Prevention

Individual Medicine
We are as different inside as we are outside.
Some people make more digestive enzymes.
Some people naturally detox faster or different.
Some people metabolize faster.