My approach to medicine and healing is based on the second naturopathic principle,
Vis Medicatrix Naturae, the "Healing Power of Nature".  The human body is well adapted to heal itself given the proper conditions.  In our culture we have lost track of some of the "foundations of health" that allow and support the body's own healing mechanisms.  By reestablishing these foundations, the patient is in a much better position to heal and to lead a healthy life.

Foundations include, but are not limited to,  good nutrition and digestion, quality sleep, proper breathing, healing exercise, and correct fasting.  After learning the basics, the patient and I work to establish these foundations comfortably into their daily life.

At this point, the addition of supplements and medicines can have a much greater affect on healing.  Supplements and medicines can then be directed to assist the body's healing mechanisms and not simply to fight the illness.  This combination can be very powerful. 

Swimming with the current
Early on in my practice, at the first visit, I would initially give my patients a few dietary and lifestyle changes to work with while we waited for lab results.  By their second visit, they would tell me miraculously stories of how their medicines of many years had suddenly become effective, relating that they probably did not need to go down the natural medicine path anymore.  Rarely did they relate these minor miracles to the small changes they had made.  When your body is out of balance and out of rhythm, you are swimming against the current trying to heal.  I inform my patients now on what to expect.

The goal of this process is to reestablish health. 
The patients learn the skills that allow them to be in control of their health.