Pain Management

General approach
Over the years that I have treated a variety of chronic ailments, a curious thing has repeatedly occurred.  On follow up appointments, patients have often told me that pains they have had for years, have disappeared.  One particular time, a patient completely forgot that she had been in pain for years until the chiropractor called to see why she had missed her last several appointments.  Even localized pains can be diminished or eliminated with holistic treatments that aid in decreasing general body inflammation, decreasing immune reactivity, and detoxing (especially in the joints).  Another time, a patient with pain from years of multiple car accidents had great relief with only this general treatment method.


Is it always that simple? No, but at times it can be, and usually the initial holistic approach helps to at least take the edge off of the pain.  What about the rest?

More Complex Pain Conditions

More complex ailments get more specific treatments, but must start with the dietary and other holistic treatments in order to secure more success with the subsequent individualized approach.  This is the case with most illness whether it's skin rashes, IBD, heart disease, or pain.  Supplying the body with proper nutrition and rest, thereby allowing it's own internal healing mechanisms to act, removes many of the obstacles to eliminating pain and disease.  Many types of arthritis respond well to initial dietary treatments.  Secondary treatment with anti-inflammatory and tissue/joint healing herbs has then been very successful.  Fibromyalgia pain has also decreased with dietary changes, though aiding regular good nights of sleep has been hugely beneficial too.  Proper sleep is another commonality of reducing pain.  Migraines have a variety of causes and many are aided by this approach, while others may be more hormonal or anatomically based.  And as illustrated above, injuries to the spine or other joints, new or old, can be helped with this method.


In addition to the dietary, holistic, and herbal remedies, physical treatments such as hot and cold applications, stretching, or changes in ergonomics (changing shoes, mattresses, or sitting methods) are utilized.



Overall, it has been my experience that a great deal of the pain people are carrying around can be relieved with these natural methods.