Diet and Digestion

Diet and Digestion are the keys to good health.  Why?
Proper diet and digestion

  1. Decreases inflammation
  2. Improves immunity
  3. Decreases toxic load
  4. Increases nutrient absorption

   The opposite is also true:
   With poor diet and digestion comes increased inflammation, poor immunity, an increase in   
   toxins, and a depletion of nutrients.  Hence, you are swimming against the current when trying to
   cure illness without addressing diet and digestion.

A few facts

  • Over 80% of the body's entire immune system resides in the gut
  • Digestion can take up to 30% of your daily energy intake
  • As a fetus, the neural crest breaks in two with 2/3 becoming the brain and spinal chord, the other 1/3 becoming the nerves of digestion (a separate, independent brain).  90% of the Serotonin that you produce daily is made in your gut

Here again you can see the importance of food.